Happy July!  Summer is in full swing and we hope everyone is enjoying every moment.  There are lots of events in and around your towne so be sure to visit our event area on the website or listings in our publications. We post a weeks worth of events on Facebook every Thursday or Friday with some added events and for those who are looking for a last minute outing. 


Enjoy July everyone!


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       With our publications “Best Kept Secrets” designed around specific communities, it has something for everyone including fun did you know facts, helpful hints, community events, articles, recipes, book reviews, seasonal gardening tips, puzzles and much, much more!
       We hope that you enjoy our site, find it informative and come back often for continually changing coupons, articles and Around the Towne events within your local community. With these times being what they are, we feel it is important to support and patron your local businesses within your own community. With Talk of Your Towne being a community-based publication, we have set out to do just that …support some of the best kept secrets that are in and around Your Towne!  So, look for us in your mailbox or in many local businesses where you can pick one up

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     Our hopes are that you will find Talk of Your Towne to be one of your favorite life-long reads to share with your family throughout the years.  We hope you enjoy our website, as well as our publication, making it a regular on your coffee table!

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